Veteran-Focused Workforce & Field Cultivation

Omega Hemp Company, LLC

Veterans Program Launch Plan


Omega Hemp Company, LLC (“Omega”) focuses on industrial and medical research hemp production and operates under multiple federal research licenses. Omega strongly believes in not only working closely with regulators and decision-makers, but also veterans and local communities. Specifically, Omega has made developing and utilizing a veteran workforce a priority and is investing in veteran rest and recuperation (“R&R”) resources to assist in healing and transition. Fully 10% of Omega’s profit will be reinvested into veteran-focused programs.

Omega Veteran Program Mission

To provide development, employment, R&R, and transition resources to honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

What We’re Doing Now

  • Employing and utilizing as many veteran/veteran-owned resources as possible for agricultural, facilities, and logistics-related business needs.
  • Completing R&R facilities at Omega’s primary operating location in McDermitt, NV. These facilities will include hiking, fishing, ATVs, lodging, and more.
  • Working with the community of McDermitt, NV to support a combined veteran and local workforce as well as provide infrastructure development. Omega wants to fully integrate with every community we work with.

What We’re Working On

  • Increase veteran involvement in the agricultural component of Omega’s operations through education and proximity of R&R facilities. High potential veterans who want to stay for extended periods of time may be offered work opportunities that are mutually beneficial.
  • Refine and replicate McDermitt, NV’s veteran and community operations to additional agricultural locations as the business grows. Reproducting a successful work and R&R program across multiple states is the ideal outcome.
  • Expand into other veteran support activities like unused base housing redevelopment, strategic partnerships with other veteran-focused companies and nonprofits, and develop more dedicated veteran transition programs.

What We Need

Omega needs others who are dedicated to supporting the veteran community through experience, resources, and time. Omega is a growing company and has already dedicated individuals to this end.


Omega is committed to veterans and local communities and will continue to expand employment opportunities and R&R resources as quickly as possible. Veterans are a top priority for all of us at Omega.